What is UNICELL™ System?

UNICELL™ system is ideal way to prevent unwanted heat penetration from the outside of the building. Roof insulation foil will reduce the amount of sun's radiant heat that penetrate in summer up to 97% and also render better thermal protection in colder situation. Effective temperature insulation material preserve the convective heat inside in the winter and creates warmer atmosphere. Applying the perfect type of insulation diminish the amount of energy required for the heating and cooling inside the building and thus permit us to run heating and cooling device less and making them to last longer with reducing energy cost. It also helps to get smaller size of HVAC equipments for larger size of buildings.

Building without Radiant heat barrier under amb temp 30º C the internal temp is >35º C while the roof temp can be as high as 39º more. When UNICELL™ foil is installed, the internal temp is close to or at amb temp. However, no Radiant heat barrier can reduce internal temp to be below amb temp. It requires Air Con to get down the below 30º C for this example Whitout Radiant heat barrierm the air con runs on full load, thus wasting.


However when foil is installed, the load is reduced by 25%, thus energy is saved and air con unit capacity can be reduced, saving initial capital equipment cost. The expected payback by installing foil insulation is approx 18-24 months, Actual payback depends on the installed cost, materials used, the energy cost and daily usage on Air unit.

89% Heat Reduction for Industrial Roof

For metal roof, Radiant heat barrier can reduce 89% of the sun's heat transferred through the roof as compared to uninsulated roof. The effectiveness is achieved through high reflectivity and low emissive air gap. Plus low emissivity inside surface air film.






Furthermore, UNICELL™ can be made in any shape, size, and form of aluminium foil insulation currently available in market (ie. foam; bubble and foam; combined with double-sided or single-sided aluminium layer, and thickness ranging from 4mm-10mm) to match customer need and demand. All of this is possible due to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility here in Indonesia.